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Bicep Size Chart

Getting a well toned set of biceps would be anybody’s dream. Flaunting your well built biceps is going to make your peers envy your form. Hit Intensity Training, working out in the Gym, Pilates and numerous other techniques can be used to get into shape in the optimum period of time.

To get a set of well built biceps you need to train the whole upper body muscles as training the biceps alone would not help you achieve the desired results. The more weight you lift the quicker and better results will appear.

When starting a bicep workout routine one should practice 3 sets of 6-8 reps daily and increase it over time. Make sure you make use of weights that you are comfortable with and don’t overwork yourself. Overworking the muscles while exercising will not do any good to the body on the contrary it’s only going to harm your body.

Alternate Dumbell Curl is my favorite while working out on my biceps as it builds bicep muscles fast. Allow your body to lift up weight increasing it every day. Barbell Curl and Inclined Dumbbell Curl are the other two exercises that you should incorporate in your daily or weekly exercising regimen.

Make sure to feel and look at the progress your biceps are making. For that you should try to exercise before a large mirror so that you can see your posture and correct it if it is not right. Measure the growth of your biceps weekly so that you have enough motivation to keep the exercising regimen going.

Talk to people around you who are exercising along with you and try to incorporate the best style into your exercising style. Keep a strict tab on your diet try to have proteins in the right quantity that help to build the mass around the biceps. Forget about the three times a day meal and have 6-7 small meals a day with ample amounts of proteins and protein supplements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the average bicep size for 13 year old boy?
    Im abit self conscious and want to know if im doing alright, im 13 years old and i have a bicep circumference of 12.5inch so when im 20 or so what will my bicep circumfrence be (im 5′ 3” and 108 pounds)is there any bicep growth charts on any website please,


    • ANSWER:
      There really is not an average because there are too many variables. How long your arms are and how big you humerus bone is can make a difference.

      So is 12.5 inch bicep small for a 13 year old boy? Just so you know a 16 inch is considered to be much bigger then average. However, I think they only measure tall guys that are Professional body builders. I have a 13 inch bicep and I am 153 pounds and I my arm looks a little bigger than average.

      So I would say you are definitely over average. By the way do not go how big the muscle is just how it looks. Good luck!!

    average bicep size for 13 year old?
    i am wondering what is the aversge bicep circumfrence for an average 13 year old boy that has a height of 5′.5″ and a weight of 7.8 stone. my bicep size is 12.5″ and i was also wondering if there was a website that has a calculator or a percentile chart to predict what bicep size ill have when im 21. also what do you think my bicep size would be when im 21

    thanks in advance


    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what you do. If you sit around on the coach all day playing video games and eating potato chips… you’ll just have really flappy arms. If you go to a gymnastics center, you’ll see that the guys at my gym atleast are like 7 and have huge biceps and 6 packs. So it really depends.

    is there a picture of what the average man looks like and the statistics of the average man?
    like… average bicep size, chest size how many people have a six pack, average penis size, and also is there a chart which is a growth chart to see how big your bicep will be when you are a man?

    i know that sounds alot but thanx in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I can tell you that there is no such thing as a chart to see how big your biceps should be
      The average height is about 5.8″
      Average penis is about 6″
      And there is no average chest size either:it depends if you work out or not and your bone structure as well.
      That goes for the six pack as well:a couch potato will never have one and a guy working out years will.

    What size am I in American Eagle jeans?
    Hips: 35.75 inches
    Calf: 13.75 inches
    Chest: 33.75 inches
    Waist: 27 inches (smallest part above bellybutton below ribcage – about 2 inches above bellybutton)
    Waist: @ Bellybutton 30 inches
    Abdomen: 33 inches (largest part below bellybutton above hips – about 2 inches below bellybutton)
    Thigh: 20.5 inches
    Bicep: 11 inches
    Forearm: 9.5
    Neck: 12.5

    so Im trying to figure out what size I would be in American eagle and here is their size chart – lately ive been wearing a size 6 in other brands but they are kind of loose, especially at the butt.. i always end up having jeans with a super baggy butt. Any other tips appreciated like brands that are tighter in the hips area and looser in the waist!

    Women’s Sizes –Alpha Size –Waist (in)– Hip (in)
    00 — XXS — 23.5 — 33
    0 — XS — 24.5 –34
    2 — XS — 25.5 — 35
    4 — S –26.5 — 36
    6 — S –27.5 — 37
    8 — M –28.5 — 38
    10 — M –30 — 39.5
    12 — L –31.5 –41
    14 — L –33 — 42.5
    16 — XL –34.5 — 44
    18 — XL–36.5 –46
    oh I don’t think it helps any but im 5’8.5 and 137 lbs
    I just took all my measurements today and copy pasted – deal lol

    • ANSWER:
      why do i need to know ur chest size for jeans?

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