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Bicep Pain

What is Bicep Tendonitis?

Bicep Tendonitis is a condition that affects the area between the bicep muscles, where it meets the front of the shoulder. It hardly occurs on it own and often Bicep Tendonitis is often called as bicipital tendonitis. Athletes are most common people who suffer from bicep tendonitis. It develops because of a rotator cuff tendonitis. Bicep tendonitis is mostly ignored in the early stage and develops into a serious complication.

Symptoms of Bicep Tendonitis

The most common symptoms of Bicep Tendonitis is as follows

(a) There will some pain when you move your shoulder or arm.

(b) There will be pain if you raise your arm above your shoulder.

(c) When your shoulder is touched you will feel the pain.

(d) Shoulder may be red and swollen or you may feel a burning sensation around the shoulder.

(e) You pain gets worse in the night or while get up in the morning.

Causes of Bicep Tendonitis:

1. Repetitive use

The most common cause of Bicep Tendonitis is repetitive use and the strain caused due to the usage. Repetitive strain and usage can come in many forms and many sources. This condition is often developed by people who work on factories that are because due to their repetitive nature of work. Athletes and sports persons do develop tendonitis due to the repetitive movements involved in their sports.

2. Tendonitis because of Age:

When humans get older it is a natural process that tendons get harder and lose their elasticity. Due to this the joints will not able to move freely and the flexibility will be lost. As people get older they are tend to develop Bicep Tendonitis. From research it has been found that when body gets aged the changes in blood vessels affect the tendons.

3. Too Much strain

Bicep Tendonitis due strain is the major cause among the bodybuilders and athletes. It tends to develop when the athletes and bodybuilders put the tendons under too much strain without any proper warming up. Or the more strain that the tendons could not manage. This can be avoided by corrective training techniques.

4. Due to Injury

It is common for a Tendonitis to develop due to an injury. For example Bicep Tendonitis is caused by the result of shoulder or rotator cuff tendonitis. In these circumstances the tendonitis develops because the injury has not completely healed. This kind of cause can be easily avoided by allowing ample rest to injured part.

Treatment for Bicep tendonitis

The treatment is mostly resting the affected area and slowly getting into action after proper rest.

The basic treatment is to rest the affected area from making any more activities.

All the over head exercise should be avoided.

Its better to apply ice pack every for 4 hours till the pain gets reduced.

The best thing to do for Bicep Tendonitis is to rest the affected area.

The affected area should get a rest of minimum 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Prevent?

As the saying goes Prevention is better than cure. It is always advised to warm up before any kind of exercise and should stretch and cool down after the exercise. If there is any little pain in the bicep area then apply Ice pack immediately. That will help to reduce the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Bicep Pain?
    Anyone know what to do about bicep pain in left arm everyday? Sometime goes to the elbow. Also hurts to touch.

    • ANSWER:
      hi – i get EXACTLY the same thing
      It used to feel like someone pinching/ squeezing me and it hurts intermittantly in my left bicep sometimes tricep and upper elbow twinges. ( its not enormously painful for me but more worrying than anything as I’ve not had it b4) I am a 34 yr old woman and have had this for 2 months. Doc has listened to my heart says it’s fine, but i’d like to know what it is tho… if you find out pls let me know!

    bicep pain?
    right just came back from the gym and i have alot of pain in my right armed bicep i wasent liftting heavy weights and i dont think its a torn bicep muscle because i can still lift moderate weight but it hurts i stopped training and came home how long shud i rest this before going back to the gym because ive started my bodybuilding and want to continue soon

    • ANSWER:
      i’m guessing it’s lack of warm-up
      when you do come back to your gym, lighten up the load a bit
      and put some ICE on that

      if problem persist, consult your local physician

    Bicep pain?
    I took a football helmet to my left bicep a while back ago. Now it hurts when I’m hit there and there is a tight bump where the bicep meets the triceps on the outside of my left arm. The bump isn’t visible but I can feel it. Also it hurts when I flex that arm sometimes. Does anyone what is wrong? If so what should I do so it would go away?

    • ANSWER:
      The main problem with injuries of this sort to the biceps is compression of the muscle against the humerus.
      Rest and protection from injury are the recommended treatments. Some regular reflexion to help reduce stiffness and swelling. If you keep getting hit there, the pain will last quite a while. Maybe a wrap and a thin pad to offer some protection. You just need to get to the end of the season without aggravating it too much.

      Good luck!

    What should I do for bicep pain lasting more than six months?
    A muscle in my left arm has been sore for more than six months. It’s the muscle I use to lift the upper part of my arm (I think that would be the bicep). I’m especially aware of the pain when working out (I go to group fitness classes) and I wonder whether I ought to be working that arm less or more or not at all.

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone is going to say, “see a doctor” and while I agree I had this happen to me, only it was my leg. Take a break on that arm – for a week minimum and more if a week doesn’t help. By a break I mean, NO LIFTING at all or otherwise working it out.

      If there is no improvement you may need to see a doctor. It may be ….

      When my leg did this I gave it a break. That didn’t help so I then worked it out harder than normal. Eventually the pain stopped. However you never know when it might be something serious.

    Teen Bodybuilder is worried about bicep pain?
    For the last couple of days, I’ve had this sharp pain around my left bicep and I even streteched before I worked out that day. What can I do to mend it?

    • ANSWER:
      Wear a support bandage.

    What is causing a random bicep/shoulder pain?
    I woke up today and could not sleep on my right side because the upper bicep and shoulder was aching when I put pressure on them. I can still feel the pain (a little less painful) now if I move my right arm around.

    • ANSWER:
      -hot bath

      Hope ya feel better!

    Right Bicep Muscle Pain Could I have a torn muscle?
    I have severe pain in my bicep muscle on my right side. It looks a little larger than the left but there is no bruising. It hurts to move my arm up or down. I did take a hit to the bicep which seemed to have pulled my arm back. I thought I may have bruised the muscle but there is no bruising around the arm a day after. The muscle hurts to touch on or around the muscle. Could I have torn the muscle?

    • ANSWER:
      Did you hear or feel a “pop?

      I’m a licensed P.T. …. From what you have described, it _sounds_ like you may have ruptured your biceps tendon. This is something that might likely require surgery to reattach (depending on age and if it is fully ruptured vs a bad strain). Either way, I agree the others, you need to consult your family physician, and then, if necessary, will get a referral to an orthopedic specialist.

    Why do I have bicep and tricep pain after every workout?
    For years I have had painful bicep and tricep pain after every time I train them. Its not in the tendon, elbow, joint, wrist or anything its always the heads of the muscles. I actually like the pain for some reason but is this bad?

    • ANSWER:

    pulling bicep pain whenever i extend my arm?
    About two weeks ago I was lifting weights and really pushed it to the point where I had a sharp pain on my biceps(right arm). I’ve been resting it and just recently also tried icing it, but whenever I fully extend my arm I always feel some kind of tension in the bicep area, sometimes I also feel pain there, somewhat of a ‘pulling’ pain.

    I am going to the doctor in a few, but I hope this isn’t serious? I didn’t use extremely heavy weights..

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you just pulled something. Just give it a rest and don’t continue lifting or you could really damage it.

    What causes pain in armpit, bicep and hand?
    I’ve been having a stinging pain in my armpit and bicep.Sometimes i get a swelling pain in my hand.

    • ANSWER:

    I have pain in my bicep, brachioradialis, and elbow?
    I coach cheerleading and after spotting a few back bends felt a sensation in my bicep. It felt some what like bubbles in the muscle. The next morning I was feeling major discomfort in the bicep, brachioradialis and slight pain around the elbow. Is this common with a hyperextension? Any tips for recovery? Day 1 and 2 I applied ice, and since then I have applied biofreeze and taken aleve. The injury happened on Friday night.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no magic to cure your ailments, which are normal, unless you’re in your teens. Time will take care of you, but if you’ve below 40, you can try toughening yourself up to these things.

    Pain in shoulder that runs down side of bicep?
    I weight lift often and have recently started getting pain in the middle front of my shoulder. It runs down the side of my bicep. I can induce pain by grabbing my shirt and trying to pull it away from my body with my palm facing towards my body, and my elbow bent.

    • ANSWER:
      you have a pulled muscle or perhaps damaged your ligaments see your doctor for advice

    Left bicep pain after workout 2 days ago?
    i worked out using weights 2 days ago and my arms were fine after. the next day my arms are sore. but today my left bicep hurts when i try to extend my arm out. what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      generaly things start to hurt a day after
      (they have time to relax (during sleep) and then are sudenly stressed again)
      i would not worry about it its probably nothing

    What is this pain i get when i bicep curl?
    When i do bicep curl (3 sets of 6-8 reps) i get this intense pain in both forearms about half way down on the ulna. When i do hammer curls instead its not so bad.
    I do upper body weights 2 times a week.
    What is causing the pain?
    How do i treat it?

    • ANSWER:
      goodday, Luke H,
      I am not sure about your pain. Bu bu bu buutttttttt, take a break from the working out 4 a wile. it would help. use,ice, heat, ettcc for the pain. hope i helped.


    I have pain in deep in my bicep, my whole left shoulder, and neck. What is actually messed up?
    About 3-4 months ago I was kickboxing and hitting a bag I went for a kick and slipped and landed on my left shoulder. I had pain for about 2 weeks but it went away. Now many months later I have the same kind of pain but instead of just my shoulder area it is in my bicep, shoulder, and neck. It hurts all day no matter if I move it or not.

    • ANSWER:

    husband has left arm bicep and shoulder pain- ekg and blood work normal?
    my husband has recently had severe aches and pains in his left shoulder and bicep area. after a week of it hurting, yesterday he visited the er and had a ekg, blood work, and chest x ray. all were normal. anyone know what else could be causing this?

    he has no other health problems besides tachacardia, which he is on lopressor for.
    no he hasnt injured it. hasnt lifted anything heavy. he has tried icy hot and tylenol so far.

    • ANSWER:

    Pain at bottom of bicep what is it?
    I workout a lot, with rest periods inbetween. About 2 days ago i started to notice a pain at the bottom (Furthest away from me) Part of my right bicep. The pain only appears when i try to use the bicep even for simple tasks like opening a door will spark the pain. Can anybody tell me what ive done? Theres no bruising so i dont think ive torn it….. Also whats the avaerage recovery time for such injury?


    • ANSWER:

    whats the pain level when getting a tattoo on your bicep?
    im about to get a tattoo on my bicep, from my elbow to my armpit (inner side of my bicep)…and i was just curios on what the pain level is going to be like??? its going to be a very detailed and its going to be in color. its roses with a wolf. any insight, of tips to lesson the pain would be very appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s going to depend on your pain tolerance as well as how heavy handed your tattoo artist is. The inside of the arm is more sensitive than the outside, so it will be a little more painful. Basically any place that is very ticklish tends to be a more painful location. I would only give it a rating of 4 out of 10 on the pain scale though. Nothing feels worse than a tattoo over your ribs or the ditch in your arm. You’ll be just fine.Just make sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a decent meal before your appointment. Bring along a soda or a candy bar with you to the session, it’s good to keep your blood sugar level up.

    How can I relieve the pain of a strained bicep muscle?
    Looking for help relieving pain from a strianed arm muscle. I worked it out too hard and the pain is intense and I can’t fully extend it.

    • ANSWER:
      Heat will help the muscle relax. Use that for 24 hours then switch to ice. You should apply no longer than twenty minutes at a time. You do not want to damage your skin.

    I have a pain in my bicep area since my soccer game and i cant fully straighten it. What is wrong?
    So I had a soccer game yesterday and i was running forward and the other kid was running at me and i got an elbow to the bicep area at full speed. When it happened it was all tingly and I couldn’t feel my arm but i kept playing. It’s been about 24 hours and I still cant straighten out my arm all the way (around a 150 degree angle) and it hurts when i try to straighten it. what should i do to fix it? it seems strange

    • ANSWER:
      swine flu.

    I get a twitching feeling followed by massive pain in my right trap whilst doing bicep curls with left hand?
    In fact its not just bicep curls, its any weight lifting that i do with my left hand, as im bringing the weight down it gives this twinging feeling followed by what can only be described as a sharp pain followed by someone pouring hot water down my back. any help?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have difficulties with weight do what I did – try acai berry. If you really want to lose weight its superfood qualities help a lot – however those same qualities also help those who are trying to bulk up. Magic! There is a free trial going on right now at , give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen?

    Strange pain in my right bicep?
    I know that the correct term for a single bicep is plural, ‘biceps’, because there are two bundles of muscle tissue running alongside each other, but I have this odd pain in what feels like a third of my right biceps, it feels like there are three muscle and the middle one is really hurting. Has anyone else felt this before? What might it be? I can’t think of any reason I may have injured it, i’ve actually been taking a brake from lifting weights.

    • ANSWER:
      There are three. The two biceps and the brachialis. The brachialis is actually the strongest flexor of the elbow. It is located under the biceps in the middle. When you do hammer curls you work them. It’s not uncommon for that muscle to get a little sore. Also, the connecting tendons can get tendonitis if you’re not careful. Take a week or two off from weightlifting. If you cannot take that long off, at least avoid bicep exercises for a while. Ice it 3 to 4 times a day for 20 minutes. It should start feeling better soon.

    I did a bicep workout 2 days ago and the crease between my forearm and bicep is pain whenever i move it?

    • ANSWER:

    I started doing bicep curls and had some pain in the lower back after. Will this pain stunt my growth?
    It didn’t hurt my lower back when I did the curls, just a couple of days later. Will this lower back pain permanently stunt my growth? I am 15 1/2 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      The lower back pain could be from many different things other than weight lifting. However, if it is from weight lifting, it is because your posture isn’t straight up. It could be that you’re curling with your body leaning forward and/or you’re using your back for the last couple of reps because you’re struggling. For example leaning backwards to help pull up the curl.

      Weight lifting won’t stunt your growth; it is a myth.

    Really bad sharp pain in mid forearm when doing bicep curls ?
    I’ve had this really bad sharp pain in my forearm when doing bicep curls. It hurts most when I finish a rep when curling. I’m 15 years old and this pain started 5 days ago. Should I continue to do curls, should I rest for a while? How long will it take for it to heal? It feels like if it was my bone, the pain is mainly in the middle between the wrist and elbow. Please reply!!!

    • ANSWER:

    why do i feel pain in my forearms when i bicep curl?
    when i bicep curl with dumbbells i always feel pain on my fore arms like i am working them out.

    • ANSWER:
      In a short answer, when you do bicep curls you ARE working out your forearms. Forearms are secondary muscles in almost all bicep exercises (I can’t actually think of one that isn’t). Think about it, if your arm is a lever and your elbow is the fulcrum, your biceps contract to move your weight, hand, and forearm, toward your shoulder. Your forearms flex much like your biceps do, helping to move the weight upwards toward your shoulders. You will also notice your upper back or lats also get sore after a lot of curls. This is because your lats stabilize the rest of your body in relation to the weight. Holding the weight in front of you as it moves up takes muscle in your back to make sure you don’t fall over or slouch.

      Now if the pain you feel in your forearms is a I’m-working-them-out pain like normal muscle soreness in the forearm muscles, this is perfectly normal and just means you are building up forearm strength as well as bicep strength. If it is a sharp piercing pain or a pain in your joints, this is a bad type of pain and you should get that checked out.

      Hope this helped!

    Lower bicep and elbow pain after getting hit in the arm while throwing football?
    I was in throwing motion with the football when a defender behind me got his hand on the ball at the point where I would have released the ball. This caused my elbow to “jam” or get pressed forward a bit, perhaps hyper-extended? Immediately there was some pain in my elbow, but it seemed to go away. Two days later I threw again and my elbow became sore almost immediately. The soreness is a little higher on the elbow and into the lower bicep. It tingles a little when I’m not doing anything, but my range or strength does not seem significantly impaired. Any ideas about diagnosis, and/or more importantly prognosis? I’m supposed to play in three days. Is that smart if I wear a brace? Whats typical recovery based on your opinion of the problem?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor and have it checked out it could be a serious injury

    why am i getting pain from bicep curls?
    i asked this in another category but haven’t received a reply. 3 days ago i did a few sets (10kg on each side) and since then my left forearm has been very sore (particularly at the point where the forearm meets the elbow). it feels too sore to lift anymore at the moment, why is this? Would anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, great to see your getting stuck in with bicep workouts. When you say pain Generally Its only bad If your feeling it in your joints. This could be because your putting to much weight on it or you cant handle it yet, there are many factors that take place into this. But yes generally pain will occur after workouts this is because your muscle is growing.

      Here is a very helful video that helped me:

    I’ve been doing pull ups (palms facing in.) Now (bicep pain when doing pushups?)?
    I love doin pull ups. i started recently.

    But Now my usual 3 sets of 25 push up regimen causes pain in my right bicep.

    when I look over at it, the muscle even looks a little loose like. weird…

    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    What can I do to replicate the pain of getting a tattoo on my bicep?
    How hard and with what could I scratch myself with to see if I can handle the pain?

    • ANSWER:

    I have pain in my bicep when I straighten my arm what could this be?And how do i fix it?
    I am an athletic person and went to the gym the other day, i went through my bicep workout as normal (amongst other workouts of course) and felt completly fine… went home and the next day both my biceps were in pain but it was not the usual pain… it wasnt the sore pain that im used to at all it hurts when i straighten out my arms and only then but its also not just my bicep… the pain is around the bottom half of the bicep and forarm closest to the elbow…i have been icing it off and on for two days and using icyhott cream as well and nothing seems to help i have also been doing my best to keep my arms straight (which is painful) but im not sure if this is just agrovating it even more… any help would be useful and thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like one of two things:
      1. u did a more rigourous work-out with more weights and your body is adjusting to this new stress
      2. u could have torn a tendon

    Dizzy, light headed, left arm semi-numb w/dull bicep pain going on for about 5 days so far?
    I don’t have medical ins. so I am taking 500mg amoxicillian once day and Meczlian what is wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to make a choice here obviously.

      being broke


      being dead

    Bicep pain near the elbow?
    I went to the gym yesterday after an extended break and did a hard arm workout. Now its hard to completely straighten my arm and hurts up through near my elbow up about halfway up my bicep. It doesn’t feel like a muscle pain and its only been here for 2 days and hasn’t subsided so I’m starting to wonder what it is. I have had this happen once before under the same circumstances but this feels like it is worse.
    It is more of a stretching feeling like when doing a toe-touch but more painful and across part of my bicep.

    • ANSWER:
      might have strained something or pulled something rest it and doest improve maybe get it checked out

    Has anybody had pain in the bicep, without having done any exercising to cause it?
    What can it be?
    I haven’t done anything that would make my bicep hurt on one arm? No working it out, to cause the pain.
    Dr. told me I didn’t have tendonitis. She gave me a shot there, but didn’t last too long and there was the pain again. About three months or more, the pain has been there.

    • ANSWER:
      There isn’t a spot on my body that I haven’t had pain for no reason. In my case it’s called “getting old.”

      Betcha can’t wait–lol…

      Okay–perhaps you should go back to your doctor or go see a specialist at this point. That’s not normal.

    Left shoulder and bicep pain…?
    I am a 27 year old male. I am healthy for the most part, other than i suffer from “anxiety disorder”. The last few days my left arm and bicep have been hurting, to the point where i made an er visit last night. I had an ekg, blood work, and chest ex ray to make sure it wasnt heart related. All tests came back normal. The pain shoots in my shoulder blade and bicep and i have occasional tingling in my fingers. Anyone have anything like this?

    • ANSWER:
      By the information given I would place a guess on one of two things. The first is that you have muscle spasms in the neck which are clamping down on the nerves that control those areas. The second goes along with the first but the cause is from a problem at C5-6 and or C6-7 depending on which fingers are involved. The “anxiety disorder” makes me think that it is more likely the first of the two. Talk to your doctor about seeing a physical therapist. The therapist would help you with any postural issues that might be present, muscular spasms or tension, and muscular imbalances, and if there are any disc problems that would also be addressed. The treatment might be exercise only to correct postural or muscular imbalances and the use of massage or other techniques to calm the irritation of the nerves and muscles. At home use a soft cervical collar when you sleep as this will reduce the amount of tension imparted to the neck while you sleep. If you work at a computer terminal the proper alignment of things in an ergonomic way would also help to reduce the stress on the area. Make a conscious effort to sit and stand up straight.

    Weight lifting Bicep pain?
    I recently started following a high intensity workout that was published in a book I got at GNC. I have had a terrible pain in my left bicep. The workout I did was using my 15 rep max; 10 sets of 15 reps. They were barbell curls. After I did those I moved onto dumbbell curls with my ten rep max. I did 10 sets of ten reps. I followed what the book said. At first it felt like my muscles had an excellent work out. Now thre days later I have pain in my left arm and i cant bend it 180 degrees without having a lot of pain. I can bend it to about 135 degrees without pain. I have tried muscle rub and pain pills but nothing helps. Any idea of what could be wrong? I don’t want stupid non helpful answers.

    • ANSWER:
      First two answers hit the nail right on the head. Definitely take it slow, you won’t become superman in a day. When you workout make sure you are giving yourself a good workout and not pushing your body too far past its limits. It does sound like you have overworked the muscles or possibly strained or pulled them (This is especially easy to do if you are unsure of how to do an exercise and end up doing it wrong). My home remedy for pulls strains and overwork is some rest but not complete rest but also Ice and heat. Initially Ice is great for directly after the injury as it reduces the swelling. First I suggest icing it for about 5 Minutes then let the area warm back up to normal temperature then apply heat (I use a heating pad, they work well if you have one) for about 20 mins. The Ice is really for pain and the heat helps healing by opening the blood vessels. If there is a lot of pain Ice every now and then when you feel necessary (Don’t do it all of the time though) And heat probably 3 times a day for about 15-20 minutes each time. After heating (Or during) Stretch your muscles for a little but, not pushing very hard.

      One of the replies also said to get a personal trainer, which for a high intensity workout, is a very good idea. A personal trainer can evaluate and help you to know your limits while what a book says is geared towards anyone and not your personal needs.

    Pain in the bicep area what can be the cause?
    I dont lift any weights, it started this morning.

    • ANSWER:
      The list could be endless to be honest, the most likely cause is sleeping awkward, or pulling a muscle. If the pain doesnt reduce or go in 3 days id suggest going to see a doctor.

    Ideas on bicep pain?
    I came home from football practice and my bicep is very sore. When i flex the muscle or nonintentionely flex it its a shooting pain through my bicep. It looks as if there are two biceps or one with a depression in it. Anyone have any idea what it could be? a pull or tear?

    • ANSWER:
      congratulations you have ripped the muscle, and that is how muscles get bigger, lay off for a day and proteins and stuff will fill in the ripped section and become muscle tissue. Right on soon you’ll be like popeye.

    Lower bicep pain after tennis?
    My arm is normally fine the day after unless I tense it and I feel a dull pain, but about 10 minutes into playing tennis, between the elbow and bicep starts to hurt

    • ANSWER:

    Pain in left arm joint at the shoulder and left bicep for a female 86 patient is it a stroke sign?
    This patient has pre-diabetis, has atrial fillibration and has recently had a pacemaker implant, and she is my mother, so I am really worried. A sound advice is welcome, since she had this pain since 2 hours ago and I already gave her Tylenol arthiris and her pain subsided a little. She has been at the hospital for fast heart beat and this pacemeker implant last December.
    Thanks, Jimbo49!
    Thanks, Tina

    • ANSWER:
      I think she should be on beta blockers to regulate her heart beat and anti inflammatory drugs for her arthritis. She could be suffering from stress pains at the moment and needs to relax more. Gentle walks in the fresh air should also help.(supervised)

    bicep muscle pain what helps?
    I started weight training recently and after working on my arms in the gym my bicep muscle is paining me. Its been sore for the last two days i can’t straighting my arm and getting to sleep with the pain is hard. Did i tear a muscle and what can i do to recover.

    • ANSWER:
      i would strongly suggest you use MediTowles. they’re these little discrete towelettes that relieve muscle and joint pain. all you have to do is rub it on where the pain is and almost instantly its gone!
      i like using them better than the icy hot patches because the menthal smell is so strong and you have to leave them on.
      when it comes to instant pain relief after i hit the gym i always use them [:

    How much pain compared to other parts of the body is the under arm/bicep area?
    I have been researching a little, I have heard multiple views some say it is not that bad and some people say it is one of the worst. I know everyone has different pain tolerances, just want your opinions. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I have both arms fully sleeved and the pain was minor. The worst part was sitting with the arm twisted and extended. It tends to fall asleep and may stiffen up.

    I have pain in my left bicep. It doesn't feel like the muscle, but just in front of it. What could this be?
    It doesn't hurt very often when I'm lifting weights or normal everyday activity, but when I run (jogging where the arm is moving up and down) if I don't keep my arm from moving I experience sharp pain. This pain feels like something (not the muscle) is tearing in the bicep area and the pain is pretty intense, but doesn't last long. This has been going on for about a week and a half now. Does anyone know what this might be?

    • ANSWER:
      Use the other arm

    Inner Bicep Pain?
    for some reason it seems like everytime I use my arm for something my inner bicep gets this sharp pain and this souns weird but it kind of feels like there is a heart beat in my inner bicep. This happens evertime I throw a baseball,football, play dodgeball, lift weights, and when I box. What could this be and what can I do about this?

    • ANSWER:
      now go to tub put epsom salts
      hot water.
      soak fo 20-30 min pain should be near gone. also try some advil.

    Pain In My Arm When Doing Bicep Curls?
    Alright, I have been doing the same amount of bicep curls for about 5 weeks now.
    Why? Because as I go pain starts to emerge on my forearms and my actual bicep never hurts at all and I need to stop. I thought this would get better as I went but it hasn't. What is wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      Either your killing your muscles by stretching them without you knowing or your weights are too heavy and your body isn't used to so you should start off at a smaller weight and increase in size everyweek so your bodys used to it. Give your arms for a break fora few days... Blimey.

    Bicep pain, is it soreness, sprain or tendon tear?
    I was doing bicep and hammer curls 2 days ago and on my left arm when I finish at the top of the movement I felt something, like a tendon or ligament move, it wasn't painful but I never experienced anything like it

    Now there is a dull pain when I fully extend or flex my left arm. The pain is in the lower part of the biceps, near the inner elbow [palms up]

    Is it a strain, soreness or what else can it be?

    I am not sure if it’s pain in the bicep or brachioradalis, but the pain is mainly concentrated when fully extended on the most left part of the arm beneath the bicep on my left arm.

    • ANSWER:
      oh I hope when you weighlift, you do it properly. There’s a whole science behind it and so many people do just whatever they want. If you’re doing bicep curls, then you need to make sure you excercise your tricep as well. The two work opposite of one another. When you do a curl, the bicep contracts BUT ALSO, the tricep extends. You need to excercise the tricep by doing lets say “kickbacks” so that it too is strengthened. If you only work out the bicep and not the tricep, eventually, the tricep wont be able to support the added weight and you may end up hurting yourelf. That goes for every other muscle in your body.

      You might have just pulled your muscle. try heat. if the pain doesnt go away in a few days, maybe see a doctor.

    Soulder and Bicep Pain from DB bench press, is this serious?
    i was Db benching 2 months ago and felt a pain above my armpit area, 2 weeks later the pain subsided and only felt popping and snapping from certain movements, but when i had a football game i got a helmet to the bicep and bicep was in pain next day my bicep was in terrible pain, now my bicep and there is a small pain in front of my shoulder, and my shoulder moves out of the scapula when i flex when my arm is rested is this serious, i need as much help as possible.

    • ANSWER:

    I have this bicep pain!?
    Since rugby on saturday i have had a slight pain near the top of my right bicep, on the side nearest to my body. If i feel along the side of my bicep it feels as though there a little dip in it. It wasn’t too bad until today when i lifted something up and felt a sharp pain, which now hurts whenever i try and put any sort of pressure on it. Has anyone got any ideas on what the problem could be?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve probably ripped the muscle and it needs time to heal. I’d see a doctor to be on the safe side, but its probably not anything you can do expect wrap it tightly and down some advil. I did this once myself and it hurt like a mofo for about a month. Good luck.

    bicep pain after a day of workout?
    2 days ago i was at the gym and i was working on bicep and back. The only warm up i did was run 3 minutes to get the blood flowing thru the body.

    this was also my first bicep workout in a long time.

    so i start with big weight and quickly i notice my bicep muscles gets tight so i keep going doing, doin reps of 12 after a while i couldnt straighten my arms all the way and it didnt hurt, i stayed at the gym until my biceps couldnt lift anymore.

    the next day (yesterday) i was at school and i went to schools weight room i notice i couldnt even do push ups or even a pull up and i still couldnt stretch my arms straight. still no pain only soreness from the gym which was common

    now today when i woke up HUGEE pain at were my fore arm and bicep connect. i can only keep my arms at 45 degree angle if i try to stretch it hurts a lot!

    did i torn a muscle? tendon? or is this normal? please help it hurts really bad

    • ANSWER:

    Shooting Bicep pain.?
    The other day i started to feel a shooting pain on the inside of my right bicep. I don’t remember doing anything to hurt myself it just seems like it appeared out of nowhere. It feels like a shooting buring tingling pain from my arm pit down the inside of my bicep. It DOESNT travel past my elbow. It is ONLY in my bicep. The pain occurs mostly when i raise my arm (think lateral raise, arm abduction) with my elbew slightly bent. I happens during other movements but it happens most during the movement i described above. Can someone help me figure out what is going on and what i should be doing for treatment? I dont really think its muscle related…
    No no roids… in fact i really dont even work out

    • ANSWER:
      Do you do steroids?


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